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CoRoT Week N°2 at Meudon observatory.
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Project assistant

Constance is an Assistant in Project Administration. Her work includes administrative and management tasks.

  • Tasks for the CoRoT mission

    Constance is in charge of the management of the funds allocated to the Corot mission, and of the management of the equipment. She takes care of the orders, prepares and verifies the invoices, carries out the follow-up of the equipment and contact with the suppliers. She also manages the missions, the trips and the files of foreigners received on the campus, and the missions of french colleagues abroad. She organizes the meetings, and writes up and distributes the reports. She also organizes conferences such as the "Corot Weeks" : these international meetings regularly bring together different teams involved in the mission. She also manages and distributes the CNES material on the Corot Project.

    More generally, Constance organizes the schedule for the use of the premises shared by the different projects/teams of the laboratory, and she manages all the equipment.

  • Education

    After a CAP in shorthand typing, Constance passed a competitive examination for scholarly and academic administration. She has good command of the English language as well.

  • Constance :

    "It is a multifaceted job working with a team of people from various professions and with various abilities. " This job is very fulfilling and lively. I have to show proof of initiative, and I am autonomous in the organisation of missions. The scientific and technical subjects are interesting. The secretary job has changed a lot. The computing equipment is efficient, and we often have to train to use new tools."