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Delivery of a box in the clean room.
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Electronics technician

Alain works on the electronic integration of the cases set up in the equipment box of the satellite. He works mainly in the clean room. This room hosts the two cases in which all the electronics necessary for the Corot mission are integrated.

  • Education

    After a CAP in mechanics, Alain has taken a training course in electronics.

  • Tasks for the CoRoT mission

    Alain is in charge of the management of the "white room" which hosts the two "models" of Corot, the MI and the MV : the MI ("Modèle d'Intégration", or Integration Model) is used to check the equipment, and the MV ("Modèle de Vol", or flight model) will be on-board with the PROTEUS platform. He carries out the maintenance and the management of the equipment for the white room, following pre-established standards.

    He coordinates the work with the firms, ensures the continued supply of the stocks, and makes the estimates for cleaning, equipment, the clothes suitable to work in the white room, etc....

  • Alain :

    " I work with a team of electronics engineers from LESIA. I have also participated in the specification, the development of standards, and the installation of the white room. It is a job requiring multiple abilities."

Thermician engineer

Jérôme works on the integration (development, assembly, and tests of the elements and boxes) of the cases : on the Integration Model (MI), and then on the Flight Model (MV).

  • Études

    Jérôme has a "Maîtrise in Applied Physics with an emphasis in Fluid Dynamics". After a fixed-term contract of seven months in the laboratory, he passed a competitive examination to become an engineer. He speaks German fluently.

  • Tasks for the CoRoT mission

    Jérôme designs, specifies, and realises test benches in a thermal vacuum. He makes plans using the "CATIA" software and simulation software. He also designs temperature probes and makes cooling simulations.

    This job also includes purchase management, and interface with external contributors ( subcontractors) and with collaborating laboratories (in France and abroad).
    In addition to these activities, Jérôme directs training courses for the CNRS.

  • Jérôme :

    "I work in parallel on several projects. CoRoT represents 50% of my activity. The rest of my time is dedicated to the conception of instruments of other space missions (Omega, Virtis, Rosetta, Venus Express...). I collaborate with the researchers, the heads of different scientific projects, and the technicians involved in the realisation and the integration of the elements of the case. It is a polyvalent job that requires various abilities, that's what I like in this profession".

Opto-mechanical Engineer Assistant

Olivier is a specialist in the constraints due to the extreme conditions in space (temperature, radiations) exerted on the mechanical parts and optical components, particularly at the interfaces.

  • Education

    Olivier has a BTS in Optical Instruments. After a fixed-term contract of 2 years, he passed the competitive examination to become an assistant engineer.

  • Tasks for the CoRoT mission

    Olivier makes an interface between optical and mechanical elements. He participates in the integration of the COROCAM camera on the MI, and then on the MV.
    He realises the set-up of the different mecanical parts and optical components, taking into account the surface constraints, and the cleanliness constraints due to space conditions, particularly the temperature. He chooses the materials suitable for space, etc...
    He is in charge of the tuning of the instruments and participates in the follow-up of the tests and acceptance.

  • Olivier :

    "I divide my time between several space projects in LESIA. These projects can have different technical constraints, and require various abilities. I regularly follow training courses (mechanical conception software, CATIA, ...)