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Annie : PI

Annie is an Astrophysicist. She has a passion for the stars, their life, and the physical processes of these objects.

Since the end of the eighties, with several colleagues, she has tried to develop a space mission dedicated to the knowledge of the interiors of the stars, which would use the sismology technique.

After a lot of difficulties, Corot has been selected by the CNES. It will be launched in 2006. Annie is the scientific manager of Corot. She represents the scientific community concerned with this project. She makes sure that everything goes smoothly, and that the human and financial resources allow for the realization of the project as quickly as possible. She acts as the interlocutor with all the institutes and teams that contribute to the project.

After research activities focused on physics, her job now includes a large part of management, both scientific and administrative.

Annie has a PhD in Astrophysics.