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Numerical and technical achievements

A strong collaboration with industrialists is necessary to build the sub-systems of the instrument from the detailed technical specifications.

In addition to the equipment defined in the contract, each industrialist supplies a real numerical model (resulting from measured parameters); all of these models will replace the bricks of the theoretical model and will represent the final instrument.

When all of the industrialists have delivered their sub-systems, AIT teams (Assembly, Integration and Tests) must check the interfaces of each sub-system before the assembly, and check their functionality after the assembly. Thus we find all the classical professional bodies of engineering.

However, the more the assembly evolves, the more the complexity increases and the more the functionality gets harder to check. This is particularly difficult for the verification of numerical electronics and softwares.

Tests and acceptance

The verification of an instrument's functionality requires the development of numerous pieces of test equipment.

A quality department ensures cohesion during the construction and assembly of the instrument.