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Integration of the telescope by Alacatel Space.

Numerous industry contracts have been signed :

Among them we can cite : ALCATEL Space Industries ( Cannes and Valence, France), SAGEM, SODERN (Limeil, France), SONACA (Charleroi, Belgium), VERHAERT (Anvers, Belgium), E2V ( GB/France), ASTRIUM (Munich, Germany), GMV (Madrid, Spain), SODITECH (Cannes, France), STEEL (France) , ARIANESPACE/STARSEM (ESA/Russie)

The wiring operations of the equipment box, and the istallation of it on the frame are done at the SONACA locations (Charleroi / Belgium).

The mechanical structure of the focal block is realized by SODERN (Limeil/France).

The integration of the telescope structure is done in the clean room

The CNES in Toulouse

The Space Center in Toulouse has the responsability of the global management of the mission. With a mixed team of CNRS scientists and laboratories, it carries out the development of the instrument and the ground segment. It also negotiates and manages the main industry contracts, such as the launcher and the platform.

The CNES engineers in charge of the project work in the CST (Toulouse Space Center).