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Realization of the equipment box at the Paris Observatory.
Crédit : Paris Observatory / LESIA

Several French laboratories are strongly involved in the development of the mission. More than 30 engineers have been working on it, for at least five years.

  • The Laboratory of Space Studies and Instrumentation in Astrophysics (LESIA) at the Paris Observatory is responsable for the definition and the implementation of the scientific program, the camera, the electric architecture, the flight software, the focal block, and the data processing chain.

  • The Laboratory of Astronomy at Marseille (LAM) is responsible for the telescope, the follow-up of the performances and the implementation of the exoplanet program.

  • The Space Astrophysics Institute (IAS, Orsay, France) carries out the data archiving and the calibration of the instrument.

  • The Midi-Pyrénées Observatory is in charge of the preparation tools for the observations.

  • The Observatory of the Cote d'Azur, the departments of the GEPI and the LUTH at the Paris Observatory, and the Astrophysics Service (CEA/Saclay) participate in the preparation of the program and the interpretation of the data.

The CNRS/INSU as well as the Ministry of Education and Research support these teams.