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A sismologist and a planet researcher determine the most favourable regions in the sky to observe at the sixth scientific comittee (April, 2001).
Crédit : Paris Observatory / LESIA

The scientists of the countries involved, who are specialists in many different fields, are co-investigators. They have the reponsability of preparing the observations, i.e. choosing the best targets, while respecting the constraints dictated by the instrument and the satellite.

To do that they use :

  • theoretical studies of modelling to predict the different observation situations, and to estimate the capacity to "diagnose" the physical processes that are being researched.

  • the results of the observation program on the ground.

    The scientists will have, for one year, private access to the data in order to interpret it. Then the data will be made available on the internet network.

The scientists meet twice a year for the "CoRoT weeks". The fourth "CoRoT week" took place in Marseille in May, 2003.