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Observatory of Roque de los Muchachos, in the Canary Islands : The Isaac Newton telescope. It has a mirror of 2.54m, a focal f/3.29, so a wide field of 40'. It has been set up in the Canary Islands in 1984.
Crédit : CNRS / IN2P3

Hundreds of thousands of stars are observed in the exoplanet program. To optimize the choice of the targets, it is necessary to know each of them, their precise position, their luminosity, and fundamental characteristics such as the surface temperature and the radius.

The preliminary observations of the fields consist of obtaining images in several colours, from which the parameters above will be estimated. They locate:

  • The small stars,
  • The regions in the sky where the density of stars is acceptable.

The preliminary observations are made at the La Palma Observatory (Canary Islands), with the 2.5m telescope "Isaac Newton".

The fundamental parameters of the observed stars (effective temperature, luminosity, surface gravity, metallicity, rotation velocity, ...) are gathered in a database of the COROTSKY tool, dedicated to the preparation of the observation programs of CoRoT.