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The logo evolves with the project.
Crédit : CNES

For a long time astronomers have been interested in "variable stars". Research on this subject developed a lot during the seventies.

The Sun vibrates

We discovered that the Sun vibrates. Searching for these slight vibrations in other stars became an obsession.

A French team first decided to propose a space project in the early eighties. The scientific program was for the detection and study of the vibrations in stars. The first step in this research was for the team to realize a simple and cheap instrument called EVRIS. Unfortunately, this instrument met a tragic end in 1996.

In 1993, the "small missions" program of the CNES designed a more ambitious scientific mission. The instrument used was already called CoRoT. In 1995, the discovery of an exoplanet modified the project. The new CoRoT has the ability to research small planets.

The CoRoT project followed all the necessary steps for the realisation of a new space project between 1997 and 2006, the year the satellite launched.

Other missions are in preparation, and in the future, other very ambitious projects will be realized.