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The Keck interferometer in Hawaii.
Copyright : NASA / JPL

A camera called Planet Finder, set up on one of the 8-meter telescopes of the ESO's Very Large Telescope in Chile, should be operational in 2008. The 10-meter Keck telescope is a similar project. The LBT (Large Binocular Telescope) is a pair of American telescopes in Chile, with diameters of 8,2 meters. One of them is equiped with a camera which could detect planets.

In the long term, the United States and Europe have projects consisting of very large telescopes with diameters of between 30 and 100 meters, depending on the feasibility and on the cost. They will all be equiped with cameras intended to detect planets with imaging. The possibility of detecting exo-Earths with this new generation of instruments (around the year 2020) is under consideration.