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There are various consequences of resonance :

  • In the asteroid belt, it is well known that there are gaps, i.e. some zones where no objects are present. These locations are in resonance with Jupiter. The role of Jupiter has been to eject the bodies in resonance with the planet.

  • The 3:2 resonance with Neptune plays the inverse role. At the location of this resonance, numerous bodies piled up, including Pluto. This resonance is stable.

  • The resonance between the revolution period and the rotation period of the Moon stabilizes its synchronous rotation with the Earth. This configuration saves the Moon internal frictions that it was undergoing when rotating faster, because of the tidal effects of the Earth. These frictions slowed the Moon down to this equilibrium position. This is a very efficient mechanism. In the Solar System, all of the nearby satellites are in synchronous rotation.

  • In Saturn's rings, a huge number of structures: sharp edges, wakes, density waves, are created by resonances with satellites.