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In the future, several instruments set up on large telescopes (CAI, VLT/Planet Finder) or satellites (KEpler, Darwin, TPF) will be dedicated to the search for exoplanets. New generation instruments (ELT, VLTI, ALMA) and space projects (Gaia, JWST) will also aid in the study of exoplanets.

Note that several future observation instruments are designated to work as a network of instruments, the beams of which are recombined in a coherent way thanks to the interferometry techniques (VLTI, ALMA).

Projects dedicated to the search for exoplanets

  • CAI : the achromatic interfero-coronagraph is an instrument that cancels the contribution of the light of a star to study faint details of the circumstellar environment. http://www.obs-nice.fr/baudoz/coro/coro.html#ObjectSci
  • VLT/Planet Finder : This is a project set up on the Very Large Telescope (VLT) of the ESO. It will be operational in 2009. The aim of this project is to obtain images of the extrasolar planetary systems. It will be able to discover giant planets around stars close to the Sun. This instrument will use the adaptative optics technique (which corrects the images from the perturbations in real time due to the terrestrial atmosphere).