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WebJaxe is a free CMS, to create websites with a web user interface. It works with PHP on server side, and with a Java applet or Javascript on client side to edit the contents. The editor is based on Jaxe, an XML editor working as a desktop application. Starting with version 2.0, it is possible to use Daxe instead of Jaxe (Daxe is a similar XML editor written in Dart, which can be used without a Java plugin in modern browsers).

WebJaxe can be used to edit XML documents in any XML language, with a configuration file. It is distributed with a configuration for the XPAGES XML language, a simple language designed to easily create web pages by separating content editing from the choice of a graphical interface. XPAGES is adapted to the creation of online courses, documentations, or in general websites with static content. This website, for instance, was created with XPAGES.

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WebJaxe can be downloaded with this link :

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WebJaxe is distributed under the GPL license.

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WebJaxe was developed at the cellule TICE at l'Observatoire de Paris. WebJaxe authors are : Soufiane Ayadi, Gilles Bessou, Damien Guillaume and Konstantin Tcholokachvili.

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