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Authors: Damien Guillaume, Soufiane Ayadi

WebJaxe is easy to install, even with free hosting providers, and works on all operating systems thanks to the use of Java for the editor.

On the server

  • A web server
  • PHP 4 or PHP 5
  • mysql

With PHP 4, it is also necessary to install the sablotron and iconv libraries.


It is usually sufficient to install MAMP (on MacOS), XAMPP (on Linux) or WAMP (on Windows), which include Apache, Mysql and PHP. It is also possible to install the components separately, without forgetting the mysql module for PHP. Some packages have to be installed on Linux on top of PHP : php5-mysql for the link with the database, php5-xsl for XML documents transformations, and php5-gd for image processing.

For users

  • A not-too-old web browser (for instance Firefox 2+, Safari 2+, Internet Explorer 6+)
  • Java 1.6+ (preinstalled on many computers, it can be downloaded if necessary from java.com) OR a recent web browser (if Daxe is used instead of Jaxe)
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