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Authors: Damien Guillaume, Soufiane Ayadi
Registration on a WebJaxe website

To participate to the creation of a website with WebJaxe, it is first necessary to register. To do that, just go to the registration page (there is a link from the first page), and fill in the different fields.

The login is a unique identifier. A new user is choosing the login, but (as opposed to the fields for the firstname and the lastname), the only letters accepted are the letters from a to z, with no space or special character.

Choose an original password, but don't lose it ! You can ask for help to the administrator if you lose it, but changing a password is not automatic.

Once the registration form submitted, the administrator will be able to validate (or not) your registration. It is only after the registration is validated by the administrator that it becomes possible to log in, with the chosen login and password.

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