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Author: Damien Guillaume


XPAGES provides a way to create websites quickly and easily. XPAGES is based on the principle of separation between content and presentation : with XPAGES, the content (text, images, animations) is entered, and is structured with a meaning associated to each part. An author does not worry about the way content will be displayed later on, which saves time and avoids mixing meaning with presentation. The way content will be displayed is specified separately, with stylesheets. Thus, it is possible to change the display independently from the edition.

XPAGES is an XML language, i.e. a set of elements and rules designed to structure a text. Associated stylesheets can automatically transform XPAGES documents into HTML files so that they can be viewed on the web. XPAGES documents can be edited with Jaxe and WebJaxe thanks to a configuration file describing the edition user interface.

XPAGES is a very simple language, easy to learn : it features only 59 elements (46 without the exercises), to compare for instance to the 91 elements in HTML, 390 elements in DocBook, or 526 elements in OpenDocument.

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